The most sniptacular C# snippet library for Visual Studio.

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What is it

Sniptaculous is a library of Visual Studio C# snippets which are meant to complement Visual Studio's own snippets.

Getting started

The snippets are distributed as a zip file, Sniptaculous, which needs to be placed somewhere on your computer. In Visual Studio open the snippets manager (`Ctrl-K, Ctrl-B`) and Add the folder where Sniptaculous is stored. To update the snippets simply do a file copy.


Once the snippets are installed the will appear in Visual Studio. To use them type the snippet (which will appear in Intellisense) and the press tab twice.

Just like the Visual Studio's snippets, certain snippets are parameterized. In this case the parameters will be highlighted. You can replace parameters by typing on a selected parameter and switch between parameters with tab. When all the parameters have been entered press enter.

Cheat sheet


Shortcut Name
amc CreateMap
amm ForMember
amp RecognizePrefixes


Shortcut Name
ea throw new ApplicationException
eam throw new ApplicationException with a message
ean throw new ArgumentNullException
eanm throw new ArgumentNullException with a message
eao throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException
eaom throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException with a message
ear throw new ArgumentException
earm throw new ArgumentException with a message
ee throw new Exception
eem throw new Exception with a message
eio throw new InvalidOperationException
eiom throw new InvalidOperationException with a message
eni throw new NotImplementedException
enim throw new NotImplementedException with a message


Shortcut Name
ctor1p Constructor with 1 parameter
ctor2p Constructor with 2 parameters
ctor3p Constructor with 3 parameters
ctor4p Constructor with 4 parameters
dc DataContract Attribute
dm DataMember Attribute
dtn DateTime.Now
ifany if (value != null and value.any) {}
ifnn if (value != null) {}
pcl public class
propb bool Property
propdb double Property
propdc decimal Property
propdt DateTime Property
propi int Property
propid int Id Property
propls List Property
props string Property
snw string IsNullOrWhiteSpace


Shortcut Name
mnm New Mock
msp Setup Property
mv Verify
mvn Verify Never
mvo Verify Once


Shortcut Name
agetm MVC Get Action with model Async
apostm MVC Post Action with model Async
ara MVC Redirect To Action
dal Data Annotation for Localized display value
das Data Annotation for String Length constraint
get MVC Get Action
getm MVC Get Action with model
post MVC Post Action
postm MVC Post Action with model
rv return View
rvm return View with model


Shortcut Name
aaa AAA comments
ae Assert.AreEqual
af Assert.IsFalse
afl Assert.Fail
ainc Assert.Inconclusive
an Assert.IsNull
ane Assert.AreNotEqual
ann Assert.IsNotNull
at Assert.IsTrue
cc Class Cleanup
ci Class Initialize
tc Test Cleanup
testa Test Method AAA
ti Test Initialize


Shortcut Name
wap WebApi Post Action


You can find more information on Sniptaculous on our GitHub page.