Find potential GitHub projects to contribute to.

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The gist

Find Projects Quickly

Dispatcher uses the GitHub API to search for repos which seem like a good fit to begin contributing to.

What Does It Do?

It looks for recently active repos with open issues and a history of accepting pull requests from outside contributors.

Who Is It For?

Dispatcher is primarily aimed at people looking to get into open source.

Fork us on GitHub

The project is of course hosted on GitHub.
Click on the cat, drop by, have a look around.
While you're at it why not fork us and contribute.

The long version

Always fresh

Dispatcher will help shorten the time needed to find good repos. Rather than require the repo owners to subscribe to a service we seek out those projects. This means the results are always fresh and relevant.

Too much is like not enough

The list of repos is limited, this way you won't be overwhelmed by choices. The list itself is a randomized subset of valid repos which is updated regularly.

Too long did read

Dispatcher searches GitHub repos and find those with open issues, that have recently been active, that have recently accepted pull requests and that do not have too many uncommented outstanding pull requests.

Dispatcher will also tend to look for mid-sized repos. While other repos are also good for contribution, the repos selected by dispatcher are currently accepting pull requests and have open issues that need to be adressed.

As we go forward, dispatcher will improve it's results.